Thursday, March 26, 2020

Melinda O Fee Hollywood Actress

Melinda O Fee (1942-2020)

Melinda O Fee's acting career covered 3 decades and she gained fame through movies, and television.  She was a tabloid queen at the height of her daytime television career when she gained fame in soap operas. However, she also worked on the evening drama series, Dallas.   She went on to work in the movie industry and the following is a link to her many accomplishments.  Melinda Fee's Film Career


When Melinda was older she devoted much of her life to a Civil Rights Group, often attending telephone conferences, and writing to politicians to help to end covert harassment and surveillance against people who are targeted with harassment.  Melinda, herself claimed to have been a victim of this crime but she went on to live a full life in spite of it. She never dwelled on any misfortune for too long and she enjoyed a wonderful, full, and fabulous life, over-all.

Film Clips and Shows

Melinda Fee as Cathy Baker in 'Dallas'

Melinda Fee - The Aliens Are Coming (Campy and Fun)

Melinda Fee on The Match Game

Melinda Fee and David McCallum - The Invisible Man
One of her best known and highly rated roles
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Melinda Fee as a Fembot in Las Vegas
The Bionic Woman

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